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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  October 13, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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hisis 5-year-old nephew. he approached and one of my friends fired and him. nephew was taken to hospital and treated for his injury, if she is real and viable local. police say it happened after three suspects attempted to rob the barbershopsa about 7: to employees in self-defense exchanged fire wit the suspectsts , one the suspects was injured. elisa been talking to witnesses and are continuing to investigate as they search for additional suspects. my brother his hero, if not for him a a when not have my so now. >> she says is grateful to her
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he took him to get a haircut and they got shot, but he said that, i'd just lost it. >> good news is he is expected to make a full recovery. >> he got half of this haircut, the other side new still needs to become. >> the condition of the victims were shot is not being released is still searching for the two other suspects, he says he is glad to hopefully watch his favorite team the indians winning the world series. his mother said that the boy woke up in vanilla ice cream that he did not want to die, is going to have thesese nightmare he just went with his uncle to get a haircut and his uncle wa
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worried about him than himself.y mother facing charges after the police found two toddlers, locked in a room and a filthy house, social workers have deal with her for years as ed gallek or with what he found.r >> charges filed against daniel moore they said that she lived kids alone in a room and discussingk conditions, we foun questions about her parenting before arco charges filed against danielle moore outlining conditions inside this home on east 108 in cleveland they say thatde she l two toddlers alone in a room that they cannot get out of and they were placement after a call to cuyahoga county social workers work up the id found social workers and monitored her from 2011 until 2014 and earlier thi
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because of a new complaint about neglect, she gets a chance to start defending herself in court tomorrow gch social worke had taken custody of the children, another child was wit a relative,e, the county said t she showed progress working through programs, coming up at 5:00 p.m., what about the father. can feel the excitement, we the alcs. the blue jays and indians are holding their final workouts beforein friday's game, p.j. is progressive, twilight, that place will be rocking. >> is a nine year since the indians were in the alcs, and
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was here then against the indians back in 2,007 member alcsck. he has placed all of the right buttons, during the regular season and during the alds.ofgh indians have had injuries and all he did was put the team int possession to when the central division and down to starters h took them to the championship series. event that perhaps with an unconventional move by bringing in , in the fifth inning that to attract any, asked if he has a new wave of hotk way to manage the bullpen postseason. anybody would like to have andrew miller. there is only one, this is not really rocket science but we're doing and were not reinventing
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responsibility to take what they do well, and then maximize it. the indians while the regular series between these two teams, four-three, game one , friday at 8:08 p.m.. tito francona blaze if you have a chance to end the playof game, then you take that chance if it means using andrew miller in the fifth inning. to when would you go to the bullpen during thee division series he said that if we have the lead we will go to the bullpen to preserve that lead and then add in a couple of runs,at he also said when not necessarily go to the bullpen right away unless they had the lead, see how that pans out in the series. from the first pitch to final outcome of stay with us for coverage as they rally to beat
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championship series. >> will huve complete coverage, as indians tried to get to the world series. you can get updates, at fox >> .cag things are cluttering up today. >> so what is it looking like tonight, and into tomorrow for the playoff game at progressive field? it is going to be really good.d there will be no precipitation, io that it will be on the call side. yesterday we had upper 70s , it will be a cooler air mass. almost everybody except the lakeshore area of lake county will be under frost advisories.
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the low 30s close to the low-lying areas. you should bring in your plants or cover them. hopkins 57 and akron-canton wit 61 degrees findlay. it is 15-25 degrees cooler than yesterday. northwest lands, make it feel just a bit cooler we do get rid of some of the clouds and more sunshine approaching sunset. rainfall amounts were up to one quarter inch. tonight, it will be clear cool and the same thing tomorrow. chilly start tomorrow, expect to make it to about 60 degrees,ex
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rest of the park as coming up including the second indians game for saturday is the head. >> hurricanes matthew death toll, as people sort out their lives and also the needs of animalseaea can sometimes take backseat. >> 17 dogs from myrtle beach south carolina are the clear them animal protective league-apl him up for adoption, roosevelt leftwich year with more.. e >> reason that they were brough here is that there was just not enough room in other shelters becausese they have a lot to de with, you'll see a lot of these dogs here at the cleveland apl. these are 17 new friends who need new homes. look at some of the video shot earlier, we will show you more
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there from south carolina. in myrtle beach then had plenty of dogsgs up for adoption, those who were strays, separated from their owners or given upup, the were brought here and start think these shelters have been overwhelmed by the an immediate need to take in those who have lost their families resulting from flooding. those that they had earlier, di not have families. and they wanted to get them adopted. you got a little bit of
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puppies, a few that are two or three years old, they all need homes, the 17 dogs along with the other animals who, are also up for adoption. we will have some numbers comin up for youou later the shelters located there on willey avenue, and they are in need of good homes and hopefully they will get the.go cleveland school leaders hope little faith will help to renew a school levy. of her service and rally held today at thehoho greater abyssinia baptist church on east 105 streetsboro teaming up with clergys urging people to vote y on issue 108 it is renewal of school levy funding
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schools they say that education to childrents involves not only strong schools but also churches.inly our churches are where our family spent a great part of ou time it is theref kennedy center, and to make sure that they are integrated with his goalske and they work to the same cause itit is important. we give the children safe and educated. >> our children are our greates treasure our valuable tools an we must give them the chance that we had, it is imperative to do this today to make sure that they get the opportunities to grow. schools received straight and ara state report card relea a few weeks ago, school leaders acknowledge shortcomingsar to s that the schools have made grea strides over the last four years. t donald trump's bought into a flood of accusations of inappropriate contact with wome
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controversies i'll love, his poll numbers keep sliding a karin caifa reports, the path t the presidency appears to be narrowing. >> these vicious claims about m of inappropriate contact with women arepp totally and absolut false. fighting allegations of sexual misconduct, and fighting his own party, and a battle for the white house, is becoming more difficulte . donald trump remained defiant thursday political establishment, the clinton campaign in the medium.. >> they will seek to destroy everything about you >> on wednesday the new york times published report the accounts of two women say he made unwanted advances, he has threatened to sue the paper for reliable, deval magazine published an account for one of their former reporters goin a week after a tape in public in which he is sure to make sexually aggressive comments about women
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on the trail for hillary clinton the new michelle obama slab the donald trump comments and his explanation as a locker roo talk.ts >> republican, democrat independent, no one deserves this kind of abuse. >> it appears to beki narrowing potential path to victory, his campaign looking at rust belt statesis using his message on trade in jobs, a new poll of michigan voters shows his trailingby in a bloomberg poll she leads by nine, and a marquette university law school poll shows a seven-point lead for clinton washington, i'm karin caifa reporting. it has been nearly 75 years
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site and building for the new star wars movie new trailer for rogue one: a star wars story was released this morning,e: the movie tells the story of the plans for the deat starvi , that were stolen from empire, it will be in theaters in december. are so many great things going on in cleveland this , and d, we've got the ball the tribe in so many other >> and hopefully the weather will cooperate. >> it will cooperate for the
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mcnulty weekend forecast. could will be about 50/50. we had a gloomy start with overnight showers. then, the real dry air is working in the clouds are looking for a beautiful sunset. the temperatures are cooler tha yesterday. and it will be chilly tonight. lake county, and lake shore of ashtabula countyl, are not included in a frost advisory, tonight and tomorrow morning with temperatures in the 30s. this will be extending up to wisconsin, illinois, michigan and morals are in indiana, we have 55 at the lakefront and hopkins 57.
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but does add some chill to the air. camper city to andy nowaki. dc is a comfortable 72. the continental polar air mass, making it 20 degrees cooler tha yesterday. showers are gone with cooler ai in more sunshine high pressure settles down, tha will mean plenty of sunshine fo the next couple days.m will be good for the indians games tomorrow and saturday. high pressure will be here for the next 24-4- 48 hours before the next chance of showers.. overnight some areas will fall
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>> tomorrow 60 degrees, plenty of sunshine still call for firs pitch at the indians game or football games than saturday sunshine near 70 degrees a chance of on and off showers on sunday.. talk about frost and baseball and some temperatures in the 70sba. it looks like fun and games but there is some serious business, the trip to this
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they do more than read from boxley to be a great perso treads one that's why in euclid this coolschool as roosevelt leftwich shows as everybody is star..
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feel that it is a version of a old saw, at this week's coolschool, barbara wintery in euclid, with knowledge in working hard to achieve the giv you a little wiggle room in the middle of a structured day. mrs. mclaughlin second-grade reading classo other are working with laptops working on guided reading to help them to break out words an see how reading ties into things like science, math and writing. we had some of the science standards.. in math, though standards are also very important starts with the little guys in macintosh
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focused on a piece of paper so by the time their older the kin who them around to add subtract multiply and divide numbers to make thos numbers dance. outside, is a lesson in weight and power versus balance. you could call it a tug-of-war of girls versus boys. it is recess, but it is structured in a way that there are planned activities and plan your chances to have funa. >> it's a way to give these fifth-graders josue blaustein and get ready for the rest of the day.thth >> the fun things,ay just to ma themm know that we care about them and want them to grow ast to be young adults. harbor students are expected
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and students to show those traits are recognized every week. it's a way to let everyone know how to do things their way, and that everyone can be a star and let there light shine their community,a in euclid, roosevelt leftwich fox 8 news. next week, we're taking you on a field trip to mantua. >> the next fox 8 coolschool is crestwood middle school, show you what makes them so special. december 7, 1941 will forever be a day that will live in infamy.. and now some five years after the attack on pearl harbor sailor lost his life finallyat
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i do not have a ticket to the game and the game has been sold out, and if you are one of the 37,000 you will know what to wear.. it will be nice weather for the game. if you dig it a ticket, you got some fantastic weather for it. this time of year, you never know what you're going to get.
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closer but under a frost advisory tonight and tomorrow, the exception of ht lake and ashtabula. some areas, could fall into the lower 30s. current temperatures, 57. it is about 15 degrees cooler than yesterday with the northwest wind between five and 15 mph t, making it feel that m cooler i. we've got to get accustomed to the '50s and eventually 40s. we had rainfall overnight and now we've got sunshine. rainfall was between one tenth and one quarter inch, in some
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about 500 solaris. will be approaching the full hunter's moon on sunday, tomorrow, 60 degrees, near normal andnd plenty of sunshine for friday night touchdown. saturday looks good a solemn homecoming for a sailor who died some five years ago during the attack on pearl harbor. >> jack shea joins us.tha there was sadness and tears of relief, after so many years, the long-lost sailor from elyria finally came home. slow to american patriot, the remains of us navy yeoman rudy
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75 years after the 19 oh sailor was killed during the attack on pearl harbor december 7, 1941. was on board the uss oklahoma when the ship capsized after being hit by japanese torpedoes the tribute paidja as touch the hearts of his survivors. it is humbling pride and we are overwhelmed with the magnitude f the outpouring of people is just incredible people came out to honor my unclepe. >> weight of history and his service and sacrifice is felt b those who carry his remains home.ho the casket was escorted by his great-nephew, one of a number of family members who followed in his footsteps and service to th country. ho >> i'm so proud of my uncle, an
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to welcome him. he will be laid to rest at st. mary's cemetery malaria friday, there are those who passed away rooting for head injury return home. is homecoming is result of the tenacity of u.s. navy and marvels of modern science that use n dna testing to identify t remains of the sailors who died at pearl harbor but were never positively identified,d, the navy notified the family that a comparison of dna from survivin family membersth with remains, confirmed that he was along the 409 sailors who died on board the ship that day. they gave their lives in service or country and pearl harbor should never be forgotten, and that they should live on forever in people shoul remember the sacrifice that th
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local veterans will be among those attending the funeral tomorrow.l it is fitting that they will be there for the final leg of his journey.itt think about those who had passed away and never have the knowledge of knowing he was coming home. to police if you than a downtown you have heard the musicians serenadingou people as shows are let out, they say that these witty comeback if the city council ha its way. maurice reedus is known as the sax man, more than 17 years he has played outside playhouse square and sporting events, tha
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legislation moving through city councilvi that would limit the hours of street performers. it is ridiculous, and you want to stop music at 10:00 o'clock that is a prime time for musicians. us the proposal is not a.m. until 9:00 p.m. during the week and until 10:00 p.m. weekends. ward 3 councilman kerry mccormack introduced the legislation after talking to residents downtowncehe when he office five months ago. >> there is a basic exp that it is 11:00 p.m. on tuesda you've got to work in the morning that there isn't amplifiedoin guitar under the window. i will not want to move on four straight up out is going to be disturbed. musicians performing on east 4th street say the restrictions with her business..r >> both the times, you perform later because it is because of the game.
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90 percent, . fifty years ago about 5,000 people live downtown, and this year there are almost 50,000 people living downtown and growing >> says the legislation is moving throughgh the process, h is taking feedback from the public and fellow council members before presenting it fo final approval.un street performers have a very positive quality the ad music a livelihoodh of the legislation in our conversations are about making sure that you balance th cleverness with the high qualit of life for downtown residents. major cities have music .47 this is the rock 'n roll hall o fame city. is one of the many quotes fromom bob dylan and today the
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just being himself.a swedish academy award in bob dylan the nobel prize for literature today.d the academy secretary called hi a great poet in the english-speaking tradition. comparing his work to that of ancient greek poets the 75-year-old singer-songwriter just released his 37th studio album ea each make a browns quarterback has been banged up during the game. >> so will any of them be healthy to play on sunday? j.t
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it is start off a bit rainy this morning. chilean overcast but the sun ha come out inin
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tenants are trying to land the first world series title in nearly 70 years. >> viewers are ready to rally together . a brother and sister sobriety tribe's pitcher in the division series, the broke out there the homes to suite the red sox, hope that they can use them again on the blue jays. these two about lumber, employees that
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and this is raisinette decked out in the indians jersey turn on the tribe we want to see you want to get the indians, add that to the web gallery and bab feature add-on fox 8 news at 4:00 p.m. and tomorrow we will all be worried something red, a .uarantee were going to have some beautiful weather with sunshine. this is a view, through the afternoon.
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sunset. it will be clearing out overnight, and you have those, with his continental polar air mass were going to be ready for someme patchy frost tonight wit frost advisory for almost everybody.ont tomorrow, first pitch at 8:08 p.m. and saturday 4:08 p.m. with temperatures in the mid- 60s. p and looking at the next chance of rainfallll , a frost advisory for almost everybody except lak county, and the lakeshore of ashtabula county . elsewhere mid to upper 30s and some low-lying areas could bebe the low 30s. crosses state from 50s and some 60s to the southwest, columbus and dayton with 62 degrees.s.
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came through with minimal amoun of rainfall, in general a max of one quarter inch. high pressure will be stabilizing the air provided us with sinking air. and then the showers in the nex 48 hours.a tonight some patchy frost likely. tomorrow work suitable with lot
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that we will be going back down the end of next week. the browns have the titans next on the schedule. >> and who will be the quarterback for the browns on sunday ashe j.t. has the answer. and will be cody kessler, despite beinga knocked around sunday and having to leave the game keeps bouncing back and plans to play sunday, continues to practice and to get treatment,e hue jackson said that he will start as he comes back from the injuryac in the first quarter on sunday. and three starts he has had 67 percent of his throws and th coach likes hisis feet attitude
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>> the doctors, the trainers sa he does a good job to get back out into keep going is not missed a day of practice and that's good. is doing good, he has some discomfort, but. >> no word if josh mccown has progressed to where he can be backing up kessler. and joe thomas do not practice for the second straight day,y, it were flags would go up, but he has never missed a snap in his career, hue jackson said that h will play sunday. cody kessler, when healthy, has done a pretty decent job k. >> so far so good, think he is economical to> get the football out there in the think that we have to deal with the fact that the light is banged up in some
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input file, touchdowns are worth six points. >> in a field in north kentucky does worse much morent this is moment that has people in the small town of taylor mill talking, as 7-year-old bryce snyder scores a touchdown, he has battled a brain disorder with a password years goes to football practice to watch his brother,ut with the season coming to an end they wanted him to experience the game on the field, his brother was the one whoho pushed him ov the goal line. >> braylin was so proud to be the want to push him over the goal line and for him to be abl to be the one to help them to get to this point.e , the results are hard to see the way that these kids act around him. just another kid, no matter if hed is in a wheelchair or
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>> the family is raising money for a wheelchair accessible van foror rice, that would help wit his weekly therapies and dr. appointments.ek as a police officer it is about more than getting criminals off the streets. >> sometimes a simple act of kindness goes a long way, comin up next and officersl good deed
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the police are sworn to serve and protect. >> sometimesa it involves a simple act of kindness. >> officer job mcleod stopped a car with expired tags near san francisco, inside was a mother with two kids, her license was expired she said that there wer
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shelter, he then took the famil out to dinner. a man took a photo, posted them online, to highlight the good deed., is personally contact with i want to leave them withth a goo impression. that police officer for hayward was a good guy. that one encounter, that moment that he had with her, is going to resonate for the rest of her life and her children.. the man who took a photo offerho to split the bill, but you might imagine,li the office declined. here is what we are working on for fox 8 news
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are you gonna do something about it?
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steak. longhorn steakhouse. tonight's special: great steak pairings. a center cut sirloin with a choice of bacon-wrapped shrimp, baby back ribs, or parmesan crusted chicken.
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nineteen has received a video that shows the moment and
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barbershop in gunshots were fireda. in the middle of it was a young child and an uncle who abuses like to his life as c pe gallek is here with the story o survival. he took his nephew to get a haircut, but once they got the barbershop,on bulls began flyin. he explains wat during a robbery and shooting wednesday night at his friends barbershop on cleveland's west side.. my nephew was in the chair, i was standing behind him, and talking to my buddies when aca 9-millimeter in a here, don move, don't move. >> says his main concern was hi 5-year-old nephew.
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friend fired back at him,me a grandma nephew and dealt to the ground so she coming up getting snipped in the foot. is nephew was taken to hospital and treated. >> the place where the shooting happened after three suspectse attempted to rob the barbershop actual self-defense, two employees exchanged gunfire wit the suspects. 5-year-old and a 26 through her shots, while the suspects was also injuredou. please have been talking to witnesses and investigate as they search for additional suspects.a >> my brother is my hero, without him him and not have my son hereo,.


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